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BJL: Hot of the Press

Hot of the Press

Last year we were chosen to handle European, Middle Eastern and African communications for global fire safety and explosion protection firm Fike.

With offices all over the world, this forward-thinking American company specialises in helping businesses prepare for and react to emergency situations, save lives and protect systems and data from fire and weather events.

Since then we’ve been immersing ourselves in their brand and getting to grips with the ins and outs of their incredibly impressive products. The greatest challenge being to create communications that work across multiple languages.

Of course, being safety equipment, Fike’s products aren’t something you hope to need. But if you do, you’d be glad you chose Fike. It was this notion that kick-started our first campaign, for fire protection.

By using a visual metaphor for the ultimate protection – ‘Firefighters on standby’ – we illustrated Fike’s superior protection. Offering a striking departure from current market trade collateral, the image of firefighters lining up to tackle the blaze provided a strong visual communication, ideal for the global market.

For more information about BJL, visit their RAR Profile.

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