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KFC asks Canadians to trade in Bitcoins for buckets of chicken

KFC's Bitcoin Bucket is now available in Canada

In its latest stunt, KFC Canada is saying that it will accept Bitcoin for its buckets of chicken and fries.

Calling it the Bitcoin Bucket, the fast food chain is offering its Canadian customers its meal bucket in exchange for the cryptocurrency, which it admits in its Facebook and Twitter feeds that it doesn’t really understand.

“Invest in Original Recipe. Avoid alt-recipes,” states one scrolling message on the active Facebook feed. “It’s the $20 bucket, but more futuristic and a little confusing,” says another message. It also asks, “Cryptocurrency: as secure as the Colonel’s secret recipe?”

KFC admits: “Sure, we don’t know exactly what Bitcoins are, or how they work, but that shouldn’t come between you and some finger lickin’ good chicken.” The social media posts then direct consumers to a special page on the KFC Canada page, where it says, despite the ups and downs of Bitcoin, their chicken is always good, with a picture of a chicken bucket and the constantly fluctuating value of Bitcoin flashing on the bucket.

This, of course, is in a long line of stunts KFC has run, including changing out the Colonel with many celebrities, pushing chicken-scented sunscreen, turning its buckets into step drums and sending a chicken sandwich into space.

For those wanting to trade their Bitcoins for a $20 bucket of chicken outside of Canada, you’re out of luck – it’s only available in the Great White North, and for a limited time.

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