Ad of the Day: Burger King's Whopper is the craved last meal in prison

Burger King certainly isn't above using stunts and a touch of controversy to sell its burgers, as it showed with its pyro showdown with McDonald's and its hijacking of the movie IT.

In its latest French ad, by agency Buzzman, Burger King again pushes the limits by making its Whopper Meal a prisoner's last meal, with a twist. In the spot, 'The Last Meal', a prison guard is seen wheeling a cart through a prison, past an electric chair being prepared for use. It stops at a doomed death row prisoner's cell, a tough looking guy with a dagger tattoo below his eye. The meal is uncovered to show a Whopper with fries. Another guard eyes the meal with longing and temptation.

The next scene is the cell being locked and the guard walking away and the prisoner getting ready to take a bite of the juicy burger. As the guard gets into his car, we see that it is the prisoner in the guard's clothes, who has changed places with the inmate and is greatly enjoying his meal.

The zinger of a spot is airing on French television and is meant to show how far some people will go to get the taste of a Burger King Whopper. Tasteless? You be the judge.

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