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'There is a major void to fill in the social commerce space in Asia', says Sagoon's founder

Sagoon's founder Givinda Giri: 'There is a major void to fill in the social commerce space in Asia'

Social commerce app Sagoon, which enables its users to connect, share, and earn, has announced the public availability of its mobile app on Android.

The company also raised $4.8 million in funding out, of which $3.3M was secured through more than 3,000 investors within the Regulation A+ offering while the other $1.5m was secured through private funding.

The Drum spoke with Govinda Giri CEO Sagoon to know more about the launch.

What is the strategy behind launching this app?

After gaining over 1 million users via our Sagoon web platform, we wanted to be able to give users the option and convenience of accessing Sagoon right from their mobile device. The availability of Sagoon via Android will also allow our platform to reach a broader, global audience that prefers to interact via mobile and give them the chance to experience Sagoon’s offerings, including the Social Smart Card once it goes live later this year.

With India flooded with apps, how do you plan to keep up with the competition?

Many of the most popular social media platforms in India (YouTube, Facebook, etc.) were created in the U.S. with a western audience in mind. Sagoon has worked to understand the interests of the South Asian user and determined that there is a major void to fill in the social commerce space. Users in India in particular want to be able to shop, earn and gift while they socialize with family and friends and Sagoon looks to provide that simple and streamlined experience with the launch of our Social Smart Card later this year. Every Sagoon user will be rewarded for being a direct source of revenue as they gift and earn through both the app and web platform.

In addition to a focus on social commerce, Sagoon looks to change the way that users socialize with features such as Mood Talk and Secret. Often times people do not want to share how they are truly feeling on social media, but instead want to show themselves always out having fun and being happy. Mood Talk enables users to share a real-time expression of how they’re feeling- whether good or bad- to open up a discussion with friends and family. The Secret feature is also important because it allows users to share their experiences and questions in a space free of judgement.