Aker: an interactive online platform for the agriculture sector

Aker is a precision-agriculture and crop-monitoring platform.

Clever°Franke, a Dutch digital agency, has created an innovative, online platform for Aker, a precision-agriculture and crop-monitoring platform that uses drones and smart technology to help farmers maintain crop health on a massive scale.


Aker came up with a unique idea and innovative technology that it was keen to implement in the agriculture sector. Known as a notoriously conservative business sector, introducing new technologies and innovations requires a subtle and user-friendly approach. Aker asked Clever°Franke to help it bring this new technology to market and at the same time introduce a new brand identity.


Familiar with creating compelling but simple interfaces from complex data, the agency has built a powerful brand identity and designed a platform, combining data, sensors and visualisation to introduce Aker’s new technology in a straightforward and easy-to-understand way.

Its challenge was to focus on the end user. To design a platform that was modern, but not flashy, addressing the users’ immediate issues, and resonating with its field of business.


Inspired by aerial views of fields and striking crop patterns, the agency created a powerful visual identity that resonated with the target audience and referenced the technology used to perform the core function of the platform: drones monitoring the fields and crops from above, with hi-resolution cameras.

By using broad strokes and lines, it maintained a simplicity to the overall design, reflecting the ruggedness of the work itself, while adding some finesse through use of color.

The agency provided Aker with multiple applications, adding brand touch-points to increase brand recognition. It also developed a mobile app for in-field monitoring, further innovating the agricultural sector. This also included an offline version, as most of the in-field work performed by scouts is done in areas that do not have network coverage and, therefore, follows a different methodology.


At the launch of the new brand identity and platform, Aker was able to secure funding from prominent investors and cement its position in the global agricultural business. The strategic goals that Aker had laid out for their first year were all met, picking up several awards on the way too, including: gold in the category ‘Company Logo’ at the European Design Awards, and a Red Dot Award for the Aker Digital Product Portfolio.

This case is brought to you by the Dutch Digital Design collective.

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