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Oath catalogues six consumer drivers via Brand Love Index

Oath categorises consumer drivers with Brand Love Index

Oath is sharing some love for the new year with the debut of a new brand index which categorises the key qualities that inspire consumers to embrace brands.

The Brand Love Index marks the culmination of a global research study drawn from 150,000 consumers scattered across 13 nations, helping to define six drivers of ‘brand love’ that bridge all ages, sexes and nationalities.

Top of this list of half a dozen was ‘Exceeds Needs’, where a brand goes above and beyond what is expected of it in areas such as quality, design and performance with 32% of UK consumers love for specific brands driven by this factor.

This was joined by parallel factors such as trend setting, shared values and building trust which were cited as the surest way to bring about an emotional response by 21, 17 and 13% of people respectively. At the lower end of the scale, but no less important, were factors pertaining to elevated experiences and respect for the consumer which won over 10 and 7% of consumers respectively.

John DeVine, chief revenue officer at Oath, said: “We are excited to work with our advertising partners to determine their brand love score, a proprietary metric derived from the Brand Love Index, to help ensure their marketing campaigns and messages are impacting it, in addition to driving awareness and purchase intent.”

In order to capitalise on these virtues Oath recommends brands over deliver, take a stand on key issues, set trends, personalize their connections and act their age.

Oath is currently in process of replacing former UK MD Nigel Clarkson following an unspecified internal investigation.

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