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Tinder’s vibrant animation explores man and womankind’s struggle to couple through history

Matchmaking app Tinder is giving an animated history lesson on dating in its new spot by creative production agency Buck.

The spot shows the epic history of man and womankind’s eternal struggle to couple, starting with a caveman-style version of Adam and Eve, where two bubble-butted animated characters meet and decide they “should hang out”, according to the relaxed yet authoritative voice-over. The 75-second film goes on to show how dating allegedly developed over the centuries, in increasingly complicated ways.

'Invention of Together' shows how medieval times weren’t great for choosing who you wanted to date or love, and how forced marriages, religious and moral differences also kept people apart and together – until now, with Tinder.

The final seconds show that people, now free to make their own decisions again, can swipe whichever way they want and be with whomever they choose, showing a diverse group of animated couples all having a good time, and, hopefully finding love.

The spot was produced with animation, computer generated modeling, and intricately designed, vibrantly colored sets. All sets were tangible and handmade, while the characters are computer generated.

Buck has said the film is earmarked to be rolled out online globally, following its debut in South Korea last December.

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