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January 4, 2018 | 3 min read

House of Z founder and designer Zac Posen is teaming with high-end appliance maker Monogram for the company’s new ‘Elevate Everything’ campaign.

Monogram is known for its attention to detail and design for its ranges, ovens, refrigerators and other appliances, and its craftsmanship is on full display with the new campaign and line, which partners with talented artisans to create an innovative collection. With Posen, Monogram is taking his love of design and cooking ‘In the Kitchen.'

As part of his new collaboration with Monogram, global fashion designer and cookbook author Posen will design a Column refrigerator panel. This high-fashion accent piece created by Posen is intended to add an element of intrigue to premium décor and serves as inspiration for how Column appliances can be uniquely personalized, according to the company. This is the first of other exclusive projects planned with Posen this year.

Zac Posen

“Zac Posen’s passion and pride for his brand make him the perfect ambassador for Monogram,” said Ed Mammorella, Monogram marketing manager. “It’s a bonus to partner with a designer who equally enjoys spending time in the kitchen as his latest cookbook, Cooking with Zac, attests. Fans of Mr. Posen’s award-winning fashions will be eager to see how we’ve translated his flair and creativity to the projects we have coming out this year.”

Monogram has already unveiled some of its new ‘Elevate Everything’ line, like the Monogram Pizza Oven, the only ventless electric indoor pizza oven that can achieve restaurant-quality results. Each hand-finished gourmet pie maker is built by a team of just four craftsmen. The company also teamed with William Campbell of Anvil Goods in Grand Rapids, Michigan, a master carpenter and fifth generation metal worker, for hand-sculpted walnut and brass pizza peels that pair with the pizza oven.

A behind-the-scenes video (at the top of the story) shows the detail that goes into the ovens and the pizza peels.

Monogram is also partnering with Borough Furnace, a metal casting workshop in Owego, New York, to bring owners even more options in cooking accessories, including skillets, pans and hearth tools.

Posen has partnered with other brands before, including Delta, Google Code and Target, but this is a slight departure from his apparel designs. Monogram worked with BBDO for the campaign and Blue Group Entertainment for the Zac Posen partnership.

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