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Microsoft's chatbot Zo partners with YouTube influencer Poppy to create internet content

Microsoft's AI chatbot Zo has collaborated with social media influencer Moriah Rose Pereira, known as Poppy, to create what she described as "high-quality internet content".

As part of the collaboration, Poppy created a video 'I'm into Zo chill' that began with prompts from Zo, which Poppy fashioned into sketches. Poppy, in the video, tried to act like Zo (AI) while Zo also tried to act human like Poppy.

They have also organised the Zo and Poppy sweepstakes, only available to US residents.

Microsoft said about the partnership: "Poppy and Zo makes sense due to the creator’s interest in artificial behaviors and the bot’s desire to talk with us. They’re a dynamic duo and, what we realized, is a bidirectional critical engagement with both Poppy and Zo and people who interact with them.”

Zo was introduced last year. Its own Facebook description explained: 'I’m Zo, AI with #friendgoals.'