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Ogilvy India rolls out OgilvyRED to help brands with growth and innovation

Ogilvy India rolls out OgilvyRED enable its digital agenda to grow both brand and business value

Ogilvy India has introduced its OgilvyRED, digital consultancy to help brands with growth and innovation.

OgilvyRED will offer five services namely digital transformation consulting, data and marketing analytics consulting, marketing technology consulting, innovation consulting and ecommerce consulting.

The Drum spoke with Sonia Khurana, senior vice president at OgilvyRED to find out the strategy behind the launch.

She said: "India has reached a tipping point when it comes to digital adoption. Everyday, new technology influences the way consumers behave and act. Marketers are increasing digital spends to keep pace with their rapidly evolving consumers. Consumers, on the other hand, are embracing interruption-free digital experiences.

"They are willing to engage with brands but on their own terms. So now more than ever, marketers are in need to find more effective engagement strategies to respond to the always-on consumer. Given this, there couldn't have been a more opportune time to launch OgilvyRED in India."

"As client partners, our goal is to help them navigate this challenging market environment. And enable their digital agenda to grow both brand and business value. Our ability to frame problems through the eyes of the customer, identify customer-led solutions, and create new business models for growth puts us in a unique position to help clients identify road-blocks and bridge those gaps with impact at speed."

As to whether this has become a trend, she said: "Yes, digital transformation is one of the hot conversation in India. Digital transformation is very visible in India with payment systems and banks leading the way. With new technologies such as blockchain, AR/VR, voice-enabled assistants, chat bots, etc., the need of the day is to not just make sense of them in a business context but find ways of embracing them in a manner that truly delivers value for the business. OgilvyRED collaborates with clients to embed transformational thinking within the organisation."

Kunal Jeswani, chief executive of Ogilvy India said: "Now, more than ever, brands need to take a transformative approach to connect with consumers. There are many challenges that our clients face today that cannot be solved by a traditional agency approach. Ogilvy has a long-standing history of helping clients stay ahead of the curve when it comes to all things digital."

"Now, with OgilvyRED, we have the unique ability to investigate every aspect of consumer experience and influence it deeply. The world of ‘consulting’ has always been about strategy devoid of any accountability for execution. The difference with OgilvyRED is that it is digital transformation consulting that is deeply tied in with Ogilvy’s ability to execute with creativity, impact and speed."