Ad of the Day: Beautiful animation calls attention to plight of refugees

An Iranian refugee is helping to call attention to the global refugee crisis in a new spot for Help Refugees, an organisation working on the frontline of the refugee crisis in Europe and beyond.

After winning a global competition to create the first official music video for Elton John’s ‘Rocket Man’, Iranian refugee and artist Majid Adin has teamed up with Help Refugees and Blinkink to create ‘The Journey’, a short film depicting the struggles of a separated Syrian family fleeing their home.

The film follows a young Syrian boy whose home has been torn apart by war. Separated from his family during an aerial attack on his home, the young boy embarks on a long, dangerous journey to be reunited with his parents. What makes the film so heartbreaking is that during his journey he is comforted by the thought of his sister by his side, who urges him to continue when all hope seems lost.

As many families gather round Christmas trees, open gifts and share dinners with relatives during this festive holiday, countless child refugees battle freezing conditions, isolated and alone. Close to one in every 200 children across the globe are now displaced.

Help Refugees first met Majid in the Calais ‘Jungle’ two years ago where he would often talk of his dream of making it as an artist. After safely seeking asylum in the UK, Majid embarked on a creative journey that saw him make the official music video for Elton John’s ‘Rocket Man’. Collaborating with animation production company, Blinkink, Majid’s moving film for Elton John drew on his personal experience as a refugee.

Now, working in partnership with Help Refugees, Majid’s new film will hopefully help raise awareness and funds to support the families facing extreme winter conditions across Europe and Middle East.

The song ‘Catapult’ by singer-songwriter Jack Savoretti has been reimagined by Majid Adin as a heartbreaking anthem for the refugee crisis.

The filmmaker said: “Help Refugees were such a support to me when I was in the Calais ‘Jungle’ so it has been an honour to work with them and Blinkink on this project. If this film helps just one of the millions of refugee children struggling this winter, then it will have done its job.”

Josie Naughton, chief executive officer of Help Refugees, added: “We wanted to show people the stories our volunteers hear everyday in the field. Children going missing and separated from their loved ones; this is a hard truth to bare, especially at Christmas. We wanted to remind people the crisis isn’t over, but in a way where they felt inspired to act, to do something truly in the spirit of this festive season; help someone who really needs help.”

Stated Ryan Goodwin-Smith, executive producer from Blinkink, said: "Not everyone can go to Calais, or Lesbos or to a refugee camp and cook or clean or read to the children. But what we can do is tell a story. We had character designers, concept artists, storyboarders, animators, colourists, producers, writers, compositors, sound engineers and musicians all doing what they do best and giving their time to tell Majid’s incredible story. Lets hope it raises the funds that Help Refugees need this Christmas."

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