Honda gives ‘ultimate get well card’ AR experience to young patients

The holidays are a time for giving and caring, and auto maker Honda is using augmented reality to deliver feel-good get well wishes to a group of pediatric patients in southern California who are in the hospital for Christmas.

The 'Ultimate Get Well Card' is a card filled with messages from well-wishers around the country and personalized for pediatric patients at the Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC). Honda transformed an actual CHOC hospital room into a winter wonderland in order to bring to life crowdsourced messages from well-wishers that young patients viewed through an iPad, held in a custom designed holder, triggering an augmented reality experience.

“Sending warm wishes to others is one of the best traditions of the holiday season and through a little Honda innovation we’re using augmented reality to send messages that will brighten the lives of young patients at Children’s Hospital of Orange County,” said Susie Rossick, assistant vice president of Honda Marketing.

To enable the children at CHOC to hear from well-wishers, Honda pushed out a short holiday-themed video in September inviting fans to leave get well wishes via Facebook and Instagram. Honda received hundreds of messages, with select messages loaded on the virtual card, along with personalized videos from hospital staff.

In the 'Ultimate Get Well Card,' children see their name personalized on the front of the card, which then opens to reveal the contents on paper that come to life and fill the room. As the child interacts with the card, the images float forward and flip over to reveal heartwarming content. Utilizing both text and embedded video, the intent is to surround the child with genuine and sincere holiday messages.

The stories of the children who are stuck in the hospital during the holidays, and the wonder of them watching the card blossom around them was captured in a video by Honda and agency RPA. The film is available on Honda’s social channels.

For every Facebook 'like' or 'love' of the video, Honda is donating $1 each up to a total of $100,000, to both CHOC and the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation (PBTF), Honda’s charity for more than 26 years. Honda is a longtime supporter of both CHOC, which provides high-quality care to children, and PBTF, which is the world's largest nonprofit solely dedicated to children and teens with brain tumors.

Honda: The Ultimate Get Well Card by RPA

Added 19 December 2017
Agency: RPA
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