United Colors of Benetton teams with with Oliviero Toscani to raise awareness about integration

United Colors of Benetton raises awareness about integration in latest campaign with Oliviero Toscani

Italian fashion brand United Colors of Benetton (UCB) has rolled out a campaign to raise awareness about integration through picture storytelling.

As part of the campaign, Italian photographer Oliviero Toscani pictured 10 children representing different countries from Burkina Faso to the Philippines, from Italy to Senegal gathered round a teacher who's reading Pinocchio. Toscani will further help with the rebranding of UCB.

Toscani said: "Integration is a major issue in our world today. The future will hang on how, and to what extent, we use our intelligence to integrate with others and to overcome fear."

Sandeep Chugh, managing director, Benetton India said: “Integration is the most contextual subject in today’s date. Each country has its own integration challenges though, example- India’s integration objectives might be way different from Britain’s but a harmonious co-existence of humans, with varied cultures and background will be the beginning of a new era that visionaries are striving hard for. We are elated at Mr. Toscani’s introduction of this subject. This is Benetton. This is who we are- standing up for the issues that matter in the day.”

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