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Pandora users now able to unlock on-demand listening via video ads

Pandora gave listeners the option to complementary premium access to content by playing on-screen video ads

Pandora announced that free and plus listeners can now access songs, albums and playlists on-demand with a complimentary session of Pandora Premium. By watching a 15-second video spot, ad-supported users of the music streaming platform are given the ability to listen to songs on-demand in the same way as Pandora Premium customer

Every time a listener interacts with a direct link or the streaming service's 'search & play' functionality, an on-screen prompt invites them to a complementary "Premium experience," with a one-time audio message notifying listeners that they’re being delivered into a Premium session.

Pandora said it's currently testing mnemonic notifications to signal entering and exiting the experience, which will evolve with different access points into Premium. The new features, they claim, will give listeners "the best mobile and tablet solution in the market for music-lovers seeking an on-demand listening experience, whether you watch an ad or pay for a subscription.”

Pandora’s chief executive officer Roger Lynch cited the requests of Pandora’s ad-supported users for direct access to music in getting the feature off the ground.

“These new features address that need by marrying rewards-based advertising with the best-in-class on-demand experience we’ve created with Pandora Premium,” he said. “This unrivaled experience will drive listeners to Pandora and drive awareness for Premium, while also creating new opportunities for artists, labels, publishers and advertisers.”

“Pandora continues to deliver product enhancements that create the ultimate music streaming destination for listeners, giving them more of what they want, when they want it,” added Chris Phillips, Pandora’s chief product officer. “The ability for our ad-supported users to search and play songs in our Premium product is game-changing not only for listeners, but also for artists and advertisers. For artists, it creates new avenues of promotion by providing fans with direct links to play their music. For advertisers, it offers new ways for brands to build trust and create value for their audience.”

The announcement continues the evolution of the platform's ad product, on the heels of its Pandora’s Video Plus offering. Earlier this week, the company announced the appointment of chief marketing officer Aimée Lapic, who joined from Banana Republic and is tasked with continuing to build Pandora's brand, including its partnership marketing.

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