Transparency Unmasked: Market Insight Report

When you consider the capability of programmatic ad buying to allow advertisers to handpick their audience with precision and scalability, the more 'traditional' marketing channels of the past are pale in comparison. But transparency was easier then.

Market Insight Report

You would not allow a friend or colleague to take full reign of your bank account, and let them spend money for you, as they please. Then why is this allowed to happen in ad buying?

Advertisers struggle to see through the financial fog, hampered by bidding blindfolds that keep them in the dark.

It does not have to be this way as the industry can work towards a more transparent and trustworthy supply chain.

To find out more, The Drum, in partnership with Rubicon Project, surveyed 380 senior digital advertising professionals from the UK and US market on their knowledge of the digital supply chain, buyer fees and auction dynamics.

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