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Audi, Boeing, Glasgow School of Art, Jeff Koons and more: top creatives share their favourite work from 2017


By Gillian West, Social media manager

December 13, 2017 | 9 min read

If you follow The Drum on Instagram you may have noticed our feed has looked a little different the past 12 days...

From 1 December, we've been allowing a different creative to take over our feed each day and reveal their favourite work from 2017.

So far, we've had creatives from GSD&M, Brothers & Sisters, McCann, RTO+P, Havas and Leo Burnett share their picks which have ranged from Greggs' controversial 'Sausage roll Jesus' to the more, shall we say, inspired Boeing 'Women make us better'.

There's still 12 days to go on our Advent Calendar countdown so make sure you're following The Drum on Instagram for a daily creative treat.

Day 1 - Boeing: 'Women make us better'

Chosen by Meghan O’Neill & Divya Seshadri, creatives, GSD&M

Our favorite spot this year is ‘Women Make Us Better’ from Boeing and FCB, featuring women engineers reading historical rejection letters. 2017 was a hard year for women, and just looking at the comments on this video’s YouTube page illustrates that.

This spot is a much-needed reminder that if we keep pushing, eventually the people holding us back will be left in the dust like the idiots they are. It’s a simple but powerful piece, and we love that it features a real, diverse group of badass women who are out there breaking the glass ceiling.

Day 2 - New Orleans: 'One time, in New Orleans'

Chosen by Chris Wooster, executive creative director, T3

Selling the city of New Orleans should be like shooting crawfish in a barrel, but it's easy to instead shoot yourself in the foot. Standards are high, the product is beloved, and it's too tempting to gun for the "easy" idea.

So 360i's ongoing effort for the city's 300th anniversary is notable for its rootsy approach, in a fresh take on tourism advertising. Add a custom-built, interactive shipping container (powered by IBM Watson), with a whipsmart block-and-tackle ad campaign, and an old school long copy ad to Houston after Hurricane Harvey...this gumbo's got the goods.

Day 3 - Greggs: Sausage roll Jesus


Chosen by Will Flack, joint executive creative director, Brothers and Sisters

I’m not a massive twitterer, but every day it seems like something else pops up about Greggs' sausage roll Jesus. It’s a phenomenon.

Maybe more so than Jesus himself.

I wonder who’s had more followers, Sausage roll Jesus or Son of God Jesus? I wouldn’t be surprised if my mum brings it up when we’re having our Christmas dinner.

As a result Greggs will probably sell a load more sausage rolls and Jesus was trending on twitter. It’s not a genius idea, it’s just funny and it wasn’t overthought. Praise the Lord.

Day 4 - TV2: 'All that we share'

Chosen by Dora Pruzincova, creative director, Y&R Prague

I have many favorite pieces of work from this year, but the first one that comes to mind if Danish TV2’s ‘All That We Share’ campaign.

Such a powerful insight delivered in a simple yet captivating way. I think it says exactly what the world needed to hear in 2017.

Day 5 - Diesel: 'Go with the flaw'

Chosen by Russell Weaver, creative director, The Full Service

There’s been some great work this year. I loved the Jigsaw Heart Immigration campaign and the takeover of Oxford Circus tube station – and the lip-syncing Naomi Campbell from H&M (well the first part anyway, before the ad lost its way).

But the standout for me has to be Diesel’s 'Go with the Flaw’. It marked a real come back for the brand. The film looked and sounded beautiful and had the perfect cast. More importantly it had swagger and attitude – what Diesel is all about.

Day 6 - @w_o_f_t: Fake posters


Chosen by Dan McCormack and Luke Boggins, creative directors, Leo Burnett London

What did we like in 2017? Lots of stuff. But rather than bang on about stuff that’s been well documented by trade press, we thought we’d offer up something different. Something we saw on Instagram. And liked.

@w_o_f_t, a guy who makes fake theatre posters for shows that don’t exist. Why? He says he doesn’t know why. And that’s OK by us. We just like the fact that he’s doing it, off his own back, for no good reason - other than for the love of creation. It’s good to know he’s out there, using posters to bring joy.

Day 7 - Jeff Koons: Seated Ballerina

Jeff Koons

Chosen by Joel Arnold, creative director, BCXP

This 45-foot inflatable recreation from Koons’ Antiquity series was one of my favorite installations of 2017.

The giant version of his sculpture drew people in and provided a uniquely moving experience for people from every place, of every age, and walk of life while raising awareness for the International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children.

The installation was beautiful and inspired imaginations while creating emotional connections between the viewer, art, the world around and far beyond them.

Day 8 - Audi: Clowns

Chosen by Ben Mooge, executive creative director, Havas London

Now that’s what I call a proper ad. It’s a product demo for fuck’s sake. Yet it utterly knows the world it inhabits. And it really, really enjoys itself.

The art direction. The music. The wacky races. Also. What, what a line. I mean. Two words. That’s all it needs. ‘Clown Proof.’

And go.

Actually, and go and get Ringan. He’s still got it. Bastard.

Day 9 - Glasgow School of Art: Ashes to art

Greyson Perry

Chosen by Rania Robinson, managing director, Quiet Storm

My favourite work this year is the Glasgow School of Art ashes project.

The school was gutted by a fire in May 2014. Artists were sent the charred remains and asked to craft them into a work of art. Grayson Perry’s contribution was a glazed ceramic urn with the words Art is Dead. Long Live Art.

I think this is an ingenious idea. It really shows the power of creativity and imagination to see the potential in something that most of us would overlook.

Day 10 - Skol: Reposter

Chosen by Sergio Lopez, head of integrated production, McCann Worldgroup EMEA

2017 will most likely go down as the year in which brands can no longer avoid the conversation around gender equality. Some alcoholic brands are struggling to deal with their past and transition into a world in which the objectification of women is a ‘big no’.

Skol has done a brilliant job addressing gender equality. It partners with six (female) artists to redesign its old posters into new ones, sending a clear and meaningful message where women can no longer be objectified to sell a brew.

I like the simplicity of the campaign and the boldness in the approach.

Day 11 - Wendys: Twitter


Chosen by Steve O’Connell, executive creative director at Red Tettemer O’Connell + Partners (RTO+P)

At the top of the year, Wendy’s suddenly began expressing a confident, take-no-shit attitude on Twitter.

From dragging trolls to showing up their competitors, they truly embrace the belief almost all clients want to have by not taking themselves too seriously. It’s refreshing to see a brand stand up for itself and have that much fun with its audience. And while the brand’s biggest success of the year, the #nuggsforcarter jawn, resulted more from a rabid fan than its own content, Wendy’s had clearly set itself up to get “lucky” with that kind of breakout phenomenon.


Day 12 - Amazon: Give a little bit

Chosen by Nicky Bullard, chairwoman and chief creative officer, MRM Meteorite

Bit of a mix this year. There are a few fresh ideas, there are also some disappointments. Like when you unwrap your pressies tbh.

My personal fav is the Amazon ad. With the brilliant soundtrack ‘Give a little bit’.

Amazon boxes are everywhere right now. In reception, under desks, hidden all over my bedroom. And within each of those boxes is a carefully thought out gift.

There is no cynical merchandise off the back of this ad. Just a reminder of the role the brand is playing in our lives at this time of year. Good work I say.


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