By John Glenday | Reporter

December 12, 2017 | 2 min read

Comedian Johnny Vegas has partnered with musician Shaun Ryder to express his thanks to the NHS this Christmas in a tribute to the hard work of hospital staff throughout the year.

Conceived by Simon Lewis, filmmaker and owner of the Magnafi ad agency, the push will culminate in the release of a song and film this Friday (15 December) which aims to replicate the success of a 2015 campaign which helped the NHS choir to the top of the charts.

Lewis said: “'Thank U NHS' is our way of trying to boost the morale of all those working within the NHS this Christmas. At a time when many of us are kicking back and indulging in festivities, the NHS continues to look after us, under increasing pressure. This is a chance for us all to say Thank U. They dedicate their careers to helping us, and by saying a simple thank you, we can let them know we appreciate it.”

2017’s chart entry will see Vegas and Ryder collaborate with a host of other stars including Sadie Frost, Mike Sweeny and Julie Hesmondhalgh in concert with Manchester kids group Little Belters. Lyrics will be written by former doctor turned author Adam Kay.

The song is being produced by Gary Hilton and Steve Southern of Gas music under the Ostereo label.

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