Ad of the Day: Indian music school showcases the power of music to fight racism

Bridge Music Academy has released a campaign in which it has aimed to leverage the power of music to counter racism.

The spot, titled 'The Racist Cover' was conceptualized by Dentsu Webchutney and with its pupils shown playing the piano with just white keys. The rest of the class was then asked to identify the music which was played by their classmates. They are all unable to recognize the tune. Therefore, once again the children are asked to play the piano but this time with both the white and black keys. This time they are all able to identify the song as 'Black and White by Michael Jackson.'

As a result, the children then emphasized that because the black keys weren't being played, the music was distorted thus asserting that both the keys are important to create harmony. Similarly, people of both colour should co-exist in harmony.

The campaign has been supported by Culture Fox, an Indo-European community of art connoisseurs and travellers.

Sudesh Samaria, chief creative officer and co-founder of Dentsu Webchutney said: “Racism is so deeply engraved that we become indifferent to it, and that’s a bigger problem. Children are free of racial prejudice. Sensitising them at a young age is our best hope in fight against racism.”

Ritesh Khokhar, founder, Bridge Music Academy, added: “I have always believed that art has a higher purpose. Music is a universal language. While racism divides, music unites. We are committed to use the power of music to create a better world by raising our kids better.”

Gurbaksh Singh, chief creative technologist, Dentsu Webchutney said: “The beauty of The Racist Cover is in its simplicity. It is so simple that anyone can understand it, even a five-year-old. We are creating many innovations to advance the idea further.”

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