Ad Association welcomes Brexit divorce deal but reminds of industry’s needs

Ad Association welcomes Brexit divorce deal but reminds of industry’s needs

The Advertising Association has welcomed Prime Minister Theresa May’s deal on Britain’s exit from the EU, saying it will bring “vital” clarity for businesses as trade talks begin.

May confirmed today (8 December) that there will be no "hard border" with Ireland and the right to work, live and study for EU citizens living in the UK (and vice versa) will be protected as she took a major step forward with the so called "divorce deal" that's estimated to cost the Britain between €40bn to €60bn.

The president of the European Commission said it was a “breakthrough” moment while May said the proposals – which still need to be agreed by other EU leaders – would see both sides "work to achieve the trading relationship between the UK and the European Union that we want to see”.

She also said it would guarantee the right of EU citizens to “go on living their lives as before”.

The Advertising Association said news that trade talks could soon begin would be welcome news for marketers.

“Clarity is vital for all businesses,” said Stephen Woodford, chief executive of the industry body.

“We must ensure our advertising industry can continue to support nearly a million jobs across the UK and go on contributing over £120bn each year to GDP.”

The Association last month launched a campaign to warn of the damage that a Brexit deal that curbed freedom of movement for EU nationals would be costly to the sector.

The campaign, 'A Great Advert for Britain', came with the backing of prominent industry figures and showed how an open system had attracted global talent to Britain.

However, Woodford said that as talks progress the Association would continue to ask the government to prioritise the protection of freedom of movement for skilled talent as well as “ensur[ing] access to markets worldwide, the EU and with our international partners and participat[ing] in important industry standards at an EU-level, such as GDPR.”

That trade talks can begin will also be welcomed by marketers. The recent IPA Bellwether report indicated that the majority of UK marketing budgets have been “paralysed” by uncertainty and that increases have been impinged by the “hard to quantify” impact of Brexit negotiations.

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