'It's disruption gone mad': Digital Podge presents terrifying vision of marketing's future

What does the future of marketing look like? If you believe the organisers of the Digital Podge lunch, we're about to see big data implants, office drone dogs and pop-up digital transformation dinner parties become all the rage.

But don't take their word for it. This dystopian vision for the business was in fact created to promote the annual networking event's 2017 theme, 'Post-Truth', and so a world in which artificially intelligent clients use 'Content Tinder' to swipe away agencies' crap ideas is still a little way off – at least for now.

The video was created by Sandstorm Films in association with Freestyle Interactive and stars some of the industry's most familiar faces, including Podge honcho Phil Jones as bewildered punter 'Ethel', who proclaims: "It's disruption gone mad!"

Post-truth was chosen as the 2017 Podge theme following a year when fake news dominated the airwaves and the term was chosen by Collins Dictionary as its word of the year.

Along with the video, this year's Podge lunchers were also tasked with separating fact from fiction about their fellow delegates thanks to a specially created app developed in partnership with Blippar. You can also play the Podge fact or fiction game on The Drum.

The Digital Podge took place in London at the Institute of Directors last Friday. The event has occurred annually since 1994 and has been organised since its inception by Jones, who is also the chairman of the Dadi Awards jury.