Programmatic Mail: Discover the New Conversion Channel

Discover the new conversion channel

In today’s fast paced world, marketers always seek a competitive edge. That’s why the cost and performance advantages of programmatic media has driven widespread adoption. Programmatic style approaches are now gaining rapid ground in other media channels, like broadcast, print and out of home media. And as programmatic techniques shift beyond simple automation, we see them combine with the consistent strength of mail to produce a new hybrid – Programmatic Mail.

Programmatic Mail is direct mail triggered by a fully permissioned customer action. And that trigger is always a customer interaction at a key point in their digital journey.

The key advantages of Programmatic Mail


You’ll have a highly impactful direct mail piece in your customer’s hands often inside 24 hours, but within 48.


Programmatic Mail has proven to deliver impressive results. Online retailer JD Williams used it as part of their retargeting strategy and saw a 14% reduction in abandon basket rates.


Programmatic Mail builds on existing relationships, making recipients feel more valued – and more likely to respond.


Programmatic Mail is always relevant to its recipients – because we know they’ve already shown interest in its content.


You can easily build and test data models that help you identify which online behaviours are the most powerful programmatic triggers for your business.

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