RARE initiative creates 'diversity beer' to promote greater inclusion within the creative industry

Sample for RARE beer has been created using ingredient proportions that match the creative indsutries diversity make-up

A new limited-edition beer that demonstrates the lack of diversity in the Australian creative industry has launched as part of the RARE event, a new inclusion initiative.

The beer, called Sample for RARE, has been created in collaboration between Melbourne-based beer company Sample Brew and the Accenture-owned design studio Maud for the D&AD RARE event, which aims to champion diversity in the creative industry.

The beer has been brewed using key ingredients to reflect the industry, with Pale Barley and Pale Wheat accounting for 82.9% and 17.1% respectively, to represent the male to female split of CEOs within the industry.

Meanwhile, the alcohol volume, is set at 6% for the number of gay, lesbian and bisexuals in the industry, the EBC (European Beer Convention) is set at 12% to represent the number of non-European individuals, and flavour is 2.8% to represent those with a permanent disability or special needs working in the industry.

The IBU (International Bittering Units) sits at 21.9% to signify the current pay gap between men and women.

“The pay gap is supposed to leave a bitter taste in your mouth”, said, Arron Ollington, the head of brand experience and activation at Sample Brew.

The project used data that was developed by Workplace Gender Equality Agency and Clemenger NZ and covers the gender split in senior positions, LGBTQ representation, the gender pay gap, the number of Non-European individuals, and those with disabilities or special needs.

RARE has created 570 bottle of the beer, which features hand-crafted designs by local and international artists Vexta, Gemma O’ Brien, Minky Stapleton and Andrew J Steel.

The beer aims to kick-start an industry conversation about diversity, according to RARE co-founder and creative director at Google APAC Tara McKenty.

“We wanted the beer to address two key things and that is to highlight the lack of diversity within the creative industry, but importantly, to champion for change and increased representation. It marks the flavour or now and we hope it starts a discussion in the industry,” said McKenty.

The RARE initiative includes three days of leadership masterclasses, held in collaboration with D&AD, and includes leading creative speakers from around the world including Mr President CCO Laura Jordan-Bambach and Berlin School for Creative Leadership faculty director David Slocum.

RARE co-founder Stef Di Gianvincenzo, who is creative director at Clemenger BBDO Melbourne, told The Drum, the event aims to help inspire and empower those who feel like their background, race, gender or sexuality might be limiting their career progression.

“Minorities face a set of unique challenges in creative departments across the globe. They can feel marginalised, overlooked, and are often on the receiving end of prejudice and bias - both conscious and unconscious. But, rather than mandating that agencies change – which, to be fair, is an unrealistic expectation in the short term – we decided it would be more effective to equip minorities with some of the tools, knowledge and inspiration that has helped people like [RARE co-founder] Tara and I stick with the industry and rise through the corporate ranks.

“In this way, we should see more minorities sticking around longer, and therefore a shift in ratios at leadership level over the next 5 years. Of course, over time this should gain momentum. Once our candidates make it to creative director and above, they'll be in a position to influence culture and support the minorities on their teams towards their career aspirations too,” said Gianvincenzo.

The event will use the proceeds from the event to create grants and sponsorships including paid internships for interns from low-socio backgrounds, indigenous scholarships to top art and design schools, and paid maternity leave for female CDs who aren't entitled to benefits.

“More than just a 'meet-up' group, RARE is a collection of projects, events and products that are designed to equip minorities with the tools, knowledge and inspiration to deal with some of the unique issues that they face in their day-to-day.”

“[The event is] designed to give attendees an advantage towards their career aspirations, and arm them with the insights they need to tackle unconscious bias, isolation and marginalization in their workplace,” added Gianvincenzo.

The RARE event plans to go global in 2018 with masterclasses and spin-off events planned for locations around the world.

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