Ad of the Day: Iggy Pop’s Lust for Life is stripped of all music in BBC Four promo

To promote its Friday night dedication to musical programming, BBC Four has stripped three iconic performances of all their melody to prove that ‘everything is better with music’.

BBC archive gigs from Iggy Pop, Lionel Richie and Tina Turner are turned into surreal, almost comical performances simply by wiping the vocals, backing melody and audience reaction.

The songs, usually identifiable as Lust for Life, My Destiny and Steamy Windows respectively, are distorted beyond recognition, with only bespoke sound effects added back in to capture the ambient sounds of the stage.

The three trails were created by BBC Creative in collaboration with YouTuber and master audio manipulator Mario Wienerroither. More performances will be revealed in the following weeks to promote BBC Four as the channel for music fans on Friday nights.

Susan Ayton, creative director for BBC Creative, said: “We’ve taken legendary music performances and re-imagined them without the music, often with hilarious results. Most importantly though, we’ve set out to remind people that BBC Four has an amazing night of music, every Friday.”

Wienerroither added: “Manipulating audio layers and creating something new has always been a passion of mine.

“Working with the BBC Creative team and having the opportunity to use BBC Four’s archive of great artists’ performances has been a real joy.”

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