Ad of the Day: Canary Islands photoshoot camouflages people into the isles’ wild scenery

Canary Islands disguise people in its scenery

The latest hero creative from the Canary Islands’ tourist board isn’t a flashy TVC but an artistic set of photographs from the Finnish Instagrammer Konsta Punkka, who depicts models disguised in the islands’ scenery thanks to the miracle of body paint.

‘Meet Me and Lose Yourself’ is a series of portraits that portray the subjects subtly camouflaged amid the forests, beaches and unique volcanic landscape of the Spanish Canaries. The photos and their corresponding gifs aim to convey the richness and diversity of the isles, and promote them as the ideal destination for nature tourism.

Scenery spotlighted includes the multiple-armed cardo plant, white sand dunes, volcanic lava flows and the laurisilva forest.

German artist Léonié Gené, an expert in body make-up, was brought on board to cleverly paint the campaign’s models into the scenery.

The project was co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund. The images will be shared on the Canary Islands’ Facebook pages in Spanish, English, Italian, French, Norwegian, Dutch, Swedish, Polish and German languages, as well as through the Russian social network VK.

They will also be shared in Spanish and English on the tourism brand’s Instagram.

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