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Aleph Objects 'Make Everything' campaign aims to reboot interest in 3D printing

Aleph Objects, a manufacturer of 3D printers, selected Made Movement for a strategic and creative campaign: "Make Everything"

A campaign to help reboot interest in 3D printing has been developed for Aleph Objects, with the creative attempt to riff on luxury watch adverts.

The first iteration of the 'Make Everything' campaign, created by Made, the Colorado-based agency, has been released under the guise of a luxury watch ad, which is then revealed to promote Aleph’s flagship LulzBot printer, with users sent to a site where they can easily print their own devices.

With this campaign, Aleph hoped to cater to serious makers, who use the printers to create turbines, motorcycle parts, and even electric airplanes. The other goal is to restart interest in 3D printing, which tailed off from its peak in 2014 due to faulty devices, and a lack of interest in creating anything more than ornaments and novelties.

Aleph has joined TaxAct, Mozilla, and Under Armour in the Made roster of clients.

"When advanced manufacturing technology, the kind of stuff that's normally reserved for big corporations, makes its way into the hands of individuals, things start to get interesting," said Dave Schiff, founder and chief creative officer of Made. "Making things you would normally buy completely disrupts consumerism, and it's gonna happen more and more in the future."

On choosing Made, Harris Kenny, president of Aleph Objects, said. "'Make Everything' captures our commitment to manufacturing tools for evolved making. With Made, we found a partner crazy enough to help us share this story and we are excited about challenging users to ask themselves, what can't they make?"

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