Holiday debut 'Lighthouse' spot from Macy's and BBDO remind us the perfect gift brings people together

BBDO's debut holiday work for Macy's is a heartwarming story told in cold, coastal winter.

Two families separated by the sea come together to the tune of a bittersweet, piano-only cover of The Black Keys 'Everlasting Light.' The boy from one family gazes out to a lighthouse, where his friend and and her widower father live.

The communication is sparse, but meaningful: the subdued exchange between father and daughter, the Morse code between the lighthouse and baseball lamp, and the simple 'hi' shared between host and guest as the father and daughter arrive for Christmas dinner.

"It's our very first work for Macy's and we wanted to start with something special," said Danilo Boer and Marcos Kotihar, executive creative directors at BBDO of their spot. "In a moment where there is so much division in our world, we wanted to tell a story of generosity and people coming together. This is what the holidays are all about."

This two-minute spot is cut down to one minute for TV, but either version is a strong step for the retailer and its' new agency partner as they head into the holiday season and 2018.

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