10 questions with... Zoe Jones, marketing & insight director for DCM

Zoe Jones l Marketing and Insight Director, DCM

The Drum speaks to people across the global media and marketing sector who are bringing something a little different to the industry and talks to them about what little insights they can offer the rest of us. This week's 10 Questions with...features DCM’s marketing chief, Zoe Jones.

What was your first ever job?

Pulling pints in a pub. I’ve still got the skills, but I’m probably better with the wine list these days.

Why did you get into marketing?

Writing and design have always been my passions and my aim was to build a career where they could remain at the heart of what I do. I was also always interested in media and advertising so to spend my career to date marketing magazines, outdoor and cinema, in a time of huge change for the media industry, has been really inspiring.

Who is your favourite person to work with and why?

October marked my five-year anniversary at DCM and I’m so lucky to work with such an amazing bunch of people. It’s impossible to single out one person, but there’s always someone to challenge me and have a laugh with.

What is your ideal work night out?

Our monthly DCM Film Club. It brings together the best films with the best people at some awesome venues around London. It doesn’t feel like a work night out!

If you could go to one marketing event this year which would you choose?

I’d choose one that would surprise, inform and challenge – let’s also learn from different industries more.

If you could ban one buzzword or piece of jargon what would it be?

Big data.

What is the most exciting thing about your job?

Being able to make a difference. We’re a small team with big ambitions. We’re a media owner and, as the marketing & insight director, my remit is to also help us act as a trade body. We’re not just DCM, we’re cinema.

Do you ever turn your phone off and if so, when?

I never turn it off, although it might be a New Year’s Resolution to do so! I mostly keep it on silent though, and always in the cinema and when I go to bed.

What's the worst film you've ever seen?

Mega Shark v Giant Octopus – a spectacularly bad B movie that was enjoyably terrible. It would never get a cinema release though! I like this question better than what’s your favourite movie. Most people have their ‘cultural favourite movie’ and their ‘actual favourite movie’. My favourite movie is dominated by Star Wars (I own a Lightsaber), and I do like the Ewoks…

What's the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

Only do what only you can do.

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