Words With Friends 2 introduced with campaign focusing on power of words to connect people

By Kyle O'Brien | Creative Works Editor

November 10, 2017 | 4 min read

When the original Words With Friends launched in 2009, it took the nation by storm by essentially being a mobile Scrabble. Now, Words With Friends 2 by Zynga is being introduced with a campaign that shows the power of words to connect friends.

Words With Friends 2

Words With Friends 2 launches with new campaign

Agency Heat was tasked with developing a campaign that would leverage the product launch as a way to reinvigorate the brand, and the result is one that focuses on how the game and words bring people together.

In two spots, the emotion of playing the game comes out. ‘Gramps’ focuses on the shared love of word puzzles across generations. In it, a grandpa looks sullen in his nursing home, until he realizes a word he can play, and a smile engulfs his face. ‘Power of Words’ is a broader love letter to human communication and the power of words to bring us all together. It springs from that first insight – that one word can be stronger than a million others. The recent hit single ‘Across the Room’ by Odesza highlights the ad.

Heat stated that two insights inspired the work. With Words With Friends, players are drawn to meaningful, not mindless play. They like to focus, to think and find just the right word to play. It’s not about beating the other person as it is about solving the puzzle. Equally as important, the meaningful play leads to the creation of shared experiences. Players love Words with Friends because of its it its ability to connect all kinds of people, transcending both physical and emotional distance.

Elaine Cox, Group Creative Director at Heat said: “Elevating such a well-known game to stand for something greater was a rare opportunity. And it was all inspired by the people who play the game. We heard countless stories. Some used the game to make friends, start years long rivalries, keep in touch with family, several even propose marriage. From the epic power one word can have in changing someone’s life to the story of two people connecting over a funny word, we’re highlighting something we’ve known all along – words, whether they’re spoken, written, or played in little yellow tiles, are central to creating lasting connections with others.”

Added Doug Scott, Chief Marketing Officer at Zynga: “We have a unique opportunity with this launch. While we have always been and always will be focused on optimized user acquisition, Words With Friends players have a deep emotional relationship with the game that gives us an opportunity to tap into a different angle of messaging. That’s where Heat came in.”

Words With Friends 2 spots will run on broadcast and social media.

Zynga: Words With Friends 2 by Heat

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