MyVoucherCodes to parody #MoztheMonster John Lewis ad with shoestring budget

MyVoucherCodes is to reprise its annual parody of the John Lewis Christmas ad by producing its own ‘discount version’ in concert with students from the School of Communication Arts in a mere seven hours with a Scrooge-like budget of just £700 - just one ten thousandth of the sum lavished by John Lewis on its own effort.

Faced with a dramatically truncated deadline and a vanishingly small budget MyVoucherCodes will spare every expense for their low-budget unspectacular in an attempt to steal some of its bigger brother’s thunder.

To that end an ‘advertising war room’ has been convened including Marc Lewis, dean of the School of Communication Arts and Frank PR founder Andrew Bloch to work with students who will grapple with recreating Moz the Monster using balls of wool, pipe cleaners and string.

Chris Reilly, managing director of, said: “John Lewis is never knowingly undersold and we pride ourselves on knowingly underselling, so the creation of this discount ad both resonates with our customers and reflects the monster discounts we have on offer with John Lewis. It’s a huge challenge, and we have no idea what the students are going to come up with, but with a bit of luck we won’t need to hide under the bed.”

MyVoucherCodes has a history of parodying John Lewis, bringing its 2015 promotional push to life using children's dolls.

The lowly anticipated ad will be premiered on MyVoucherCodes YouTube channel by 15:00 this afternoon.