Salford Royal NHS Trust appoints Code Computerlove to 'put human centred design at heart of patient care'

Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust

The Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust – one of 16 sites in the UK with the status as a Global Digital Exemplar – has begun a partnership with Code Computerlove to drive forward its ambition to put 'Human Centred Design' at the heart of its digital solutions.

The partnership is being spearheaded by Salford Royal’s director of digital, Rachel Dunscombe, who is also leading a new, NHS Digital Academy, established to develop the talents of hundreds of the NHS’s digital leaders.

Dunscombe said: “I believe the system is pivoting to a new model of wellness, health and care that’s unconstrained using digital, where complexities are removed with the right platforms and skills.

“Bringing in support from Code, we’ve embarked on a programme of digital innovation, implementing the digital skills and knowledge to drive forward significant advances that will not only deliver improvements for patients accessing NHS services but for health professionals working within it, with smarter, better designed systems to simplify day to day processes. Putting human centred design at the heart our approach is fundamental to creating the right solutions that will create most impact and efficiencies.”

Tom Bradley, design director at Code Computerlove, said: “Human centred design, or design thinking, is an approach to problem solving. At Code we couple this with product thinking and modern engineering to help solve business and user problems. It’s an approach that advocates empathy and learning, and working in collaborative teams. It’s a design process that starts with the people we are designing for and ends with a tailor-made solution that meets their needs.

“The process starts out with in-depth design research of user issues. This research normally uncovers problems and issues we would never have been told about by a product team in the normal course of a project. Our design activities put the designer and wider team in direct content with the users and remove layers of red tape, unnecessary business needs or misguided assumptions.”

Code has begun its work with The Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust with a 100-day sprint focusing on Salford Royal’s admissions process. The aim is to improve the quality of patient information and speed/experience of entering this information at the admissions stage. This in turn will provide a better standard of care throughout the patient journey.

Having spent a number of days in the Trust’s hospitals to observe and shadow doctors to understand critical moments in patient admittance to the hospital, Code is now creating prototypes for testing.

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