How to use a DMP for personalisation: Tips from Mazda

Marketers are constantly struggling to use data to personalise customer experiences. But what can they learn from the automotive sector?

The Drum, in collaboration with Relay42, will host a webinar exploring how Mazda, an automotive leader, has been utilising a data management platform (DMP) in the Dutch market to smarten its approach in unifying the customer journey.

The webinar, How marketers can personalise customer experiences with a DMP, taking place later this month, will reveal how marketers can reduce media waste and deliver personalised outreach across all media channels.

Despite having data at their fingertips, according to a survey by the CMO Council, only 7% of marketers say they are effectively able to deliver real-time, data-driven engagements across physical and digital touchpoints. At the same time, achieving a relevant cross-channel customer experience is a top priority for marketers.

A DMP is a technology solution that collects and activates data from multiple sources, making it useful for marketers to steer their customer journeys in more efficient, effective and targeted ways. So how can marketers begin leveraging it to personalise customer journeys in real-time?

In the upcoming webinar, marketers will hear from Robert Vonk, manager of online marketing and data at Mazda, to learn why he decided to start using a DMP – and how this has impacted the way Mazda reaches both existing customers and new prospects.

Tune in to hear his thoughts on:

  • How marketers can use DMPs to reduce media budget waste
  • Tips on delivering relevant outreach based on customer intent and value
  • How to increase conversions through personalisation of multiple touchpoints

The webinar took place on 28 November.

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