Bank of Scotland unleashes AI mobile app virtual assistant

Bank of Scotland mobile app AI virtual assistant

Bank of Scotland has entered the artificial intelligence fray with the release of its very own virtual assistant on its mobile app, helping to solve customer queries more efficiently than ever before.

Available to all customers using its iPhone app the pilot service allows conversations to be held in real time with a messaging bot trained in how to deal with common complaints and problems such as unknown transactions, lost cards and payment queries.

Added perks of the new system include the ability to pause conversations as required, with the AI remembering previous conversations to pick up where it last left off.

Nick Williams, managing director of consumer digital at the bank said: ”We are experimenting with how we use artificial technology to help our customers find the information they want in the simplest and most convenient way possible. This is an exciting first step for us in using AI and messaging technology and we’re keen to see how our customers like the service.”

Customers not wishing to avail themselves of the opportunity to field their query with computer may choose to speak with a human operative at any time.

Bank of Scotland has recruited Game of Thrones star James Cosmo to reprise his role as Nightswatch guardsman Jeor Mormont for RKCR/Y&R's 'Decisions Well Made' push.

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