Britain's Next Top Model contestants pose for Peta campaign

Britain's Next Top Model pose for PETA in an Animal Right campaign

Several of Britain’s Next Top Model contestants have featured in the latest episode themed 'Animal rights' posing in Peta campaigns against bullfighting, fur and circuses.

The models posed chained to a circus podium, to show how animals in circuses are forced to perform unnatural tricks. They also posed with animal 'carcasses' and donated furs to show the grim reality of the fur industry.

The models posed with a realistic skinned “fox” for ads proclaiming, “Here’s the Rest of Your Fur Coat.” In other shots, they posed with banderillas, sharp barbed sticks that matadors stab into bulls during bullfights.

Lucy Watson, of Made in Chelsea fame and Peta supporter was the episode's guest judge and she named contestant Kira MacLean as the challenge’s winner.

Peta UK: Animal Rights

Added 04 November 2017
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