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Mindfulness Matters: the inter-connectivity of physical and mental health

The importance of the connection between mind and body is something that, in business, is all too often forgotten, and yet it is vital to mental health success. This this fourth episode of Mindfulness Matters, a short video series of advice around mental wellbeing, Kathleen Saxton, co-founder of psychoeducation consultancy Psyched Global and executive recruitment firm The Lighthouse to create the advice series, explains the link between the two.

“We often lead with our thinking but fundamentally what we are feeling is a greater driver,” she stated before explaining how the brain’s ‘feeling system’ operated. “It’s been with us since we were born,” Saxton added. She went on to explain elements of how the brain and the body were connected and how they send signals to each other.

“If we are looking after our physical self in a sense of being fit and eating well or exercising well, it’s understandable how we need to be aware of how we are exercising and taking care of our mind at the same time because the two are absolutely connected…and when we try to that is when we get into trouble as we may be thinking one thing but feeling another,” she continued.

The series of five episodes that make up the Mindfulness Matters series will run over the course of this week on The Drum.

This year, The Drum's annual event, Do It Day will aim to help change the stigma of mental health in the workplace via a number of marketing initiatives created on the day by delegates in London, New York and Singapore.

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