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Mindfulness Matters: how to break the stigma around mental health

The stigma around mental health issues is one that recently has come to the fore and become a trend for society to recognise and battle against.

Working with Kathleen Saxton, co-founder of psychoeducation consultancy Psyched Global and executive recruitment firm The Lighthouse Company to create the advice series, Mindfulness Matters, in this third episode how to normalise conversations around human problems is tackled.

“Stigma and therefor shame also brings vulnerability but the truth is that when we share our vulnerabilities with others, we learn to understand that we are not alone in the anxieties that we all carry around what we are thinking and feeling, most of the time,” explained Saxton who went on to cite the success of Alcoholics Anonymous as a successful practice.

She claimed that the creation of groups where people can talk about bereavement, anxiety, addiction and stress can help normalize the discussion, destigmatize the problem and banish the feelings that prevent people from progressing in their lives.

The series of five episodes that make up the Mindfulness Matters series will run over the course of this week on The Drum.

This year, The Drum's annual event, Do It Day will aim to help change the stigma of mental health in the workplace via a number of marketing initiatives created on the day by delegates in London, New York and Singapore.

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