No hamsters in new ‘Out of Nowhere’ campaign for Kia Sorento

Kia is taking a different route for its new campaign for the SUV model, Sorento, and there’s not a hamster in sight. Instead, driving through the dusty desert defines freedom for the auto brand and tackles higher-end competitors.

For two consecutive years, the Kia brand has been ranked number one in initial quality by JD Power and to champion the accolade, David&Goliath created an ‘Out of Nowhere’ commercial for the Sorento. In it, a Kia surpasses an ‘expected’ car in the industry to become a leader in the SUV category.

The 60-second spot for the Sorento begins seemingly as a Lexus commercial, with a man confidently driving an RX 350 down a desert highway, but it soon becomes clear that there is something in the distance speeding across the rugged desert landscape – a Kia Sorento. Just as the two SUVs seem to be headed for one another, the Sorento crosses the desert road in front of the Lexus, leaving the competitor in a cloud of dust. The Lexus driver slows down, his confidence shaken, as the Sorento speeds off toward the horizon.

The goal of this campaign is to generate awareness of how far Kia has come in its time in the US market. The campaign will feature a 30-second version on national network/cable media in addition to NBA and NFL media, and will be supplemented with digital and social media components.

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