By Katie Deighton, Senior Reporter

October 27, 2017 | 2 min read

Giffgaff is continuing its run of its run of high-profile Halloween films with 2am, a four-minute short set in a nightclub where not all is as it seems.

This year’s story follows Lucy on her quest to find her boyfriend in the middle of a busy nightclub. The evening’s fun soon takes a dark turn when she becomes disoriented, unable to communicate and lost in a never-ending corridor.

Lucy then finds herself in a surreal space where her boyfriend and friends are in the process of what looks to be an alien cloning experiment. She has to make a choice – stay or go – which is Giffgaff’s core proposition.

The film was developed and created in-house, and even directed by brand director Tom Rainsford.

Abi Pearl Ward, head of advertising at Giffgaff, said: "This is our fifth year supporting Halloween with a film, and this year we've gone bigger, bolder and longer. Halloween costumes and makeup play such a massive role when people are getting ready and having a big Halloween night out [so] we wanted to play with that, in a modern horror way, with our own twist making this film feel bang on trend.”

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