Groupon introduces its happy vendors in new spot touting local successes

Groupon, which claims to have pumped more than $17bn into local communities, today (October 26) unveiled a new ad campaign featuring the stories of merchants whose businesses and communities have seen successes through the platform.

The ads, which use the tagline ‘Groupon: Where Businesses Grow and Customers Save,’ highlight Groupon’s role as a high-volume marketing platform that more than a million businesses have used to connect with consumers in their communities. Groupon says it helps businesses grow and acquire new and repeat customers while delivering more than $26bn collectively in savings.

“We’re excited to highlight some of the thousands of local merchants who have seen their businesses grow through Groupon,” said Jon Wild, vice president of marketing for North America. “Every great neighborhood is defined by the people and local businesses that call it home, and we’re proud to provide an unmatched platform for these two groups to connect at scale and help build amazing local spaces in the process.”

Merchants featured in the ads are from all over the US, spanning Groupon’s three largest local business categories: food and drink, health beauty and wellness and things to do. Local businesses from Palace Korean Bar and Grill in Seattle to Cactus Salon to Spa in Long Island, NY, and San Diego Harbor Excursions, along with 10 other locations, are featured in the spot.

According to a release, building great communities is one of Groupon’s five core values, and the company is committed to continuing to promote initiatives that help foster economic development and growth of small businesses. 85% of Groupon’s US merchants have 20 or fewer employees and nearly one-third are sole proprietors.

The new campaign, which was created by Groupon’s agency of record O’Keefe Reinhard & Paul, will run TV spots in 15- and 30-second formats on broadcast and cable networks such as CNN, MSNBC and Fox News, among others. All new spots can be found via the Groupon YouTube channel. It's a departure from Groupon's last marketing effort, which saw it appealing to millennials rather than vendors.

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