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FedEx Ground woos small businesses with humorous campaign

FedEx Ground Buyout ad

FedEx is a trusted partner of large Fortune 500 firms, but a new campaign for the shipping company by BBDO New York aims to reach the upstart small businesses that can benefit from FedEx Ground.

The point of this campaign is to remind small business owners — those with staffs of only a handful of people — that FedEx Ground is an affordable and fast shipping option.

In 'Corner Office,' a boss who runs a small business out of her home attempts to reward an employee for recommending FedEx Ground. After praising him for a job well done, he is led to his new corner office — the woman's teenage son's room. She assures the employee that the VR game-playing teen won't even know he's there.

In 'Buyout,' one of the three founders of a fledgling start-up worries that the venture isn't turning a profit, so he asks for a buyout. After another partner pulls the worth of the man's shares from her pocket — a few dollars and change — the other partner points out that by using FedEx Ground the company can save costs, which will be great for business — and the departing partner then wants back in.

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