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BuzzFeed News slips up CNN with apple is an apple fake news parody ad

Buzzfeed mocks CNN's fruit analogy

BuzzFeed News has mocked CNN’s new marketing campaign that led with the news broadcaster ensuring the public that it will call an apple an apple, and not a banana.

The analogy makes reference to the climate of fake news and mentions President Trump who with seemingly regularity dubs CNN as ‘fake news’.

CNN was looking to rebuild trust with the public as repeated echoes of ‘fake news’ are leveraged by the sitting president, and although BuzzFeed News may share a common goal with its distant news rival, it is not above mocking its marketing campaign.

The original CNN voiceover read: “They might scream banana, banana, banana, over and over again. They might put BANANA in all caps. You might even start to believe that this is a banana. But it’s not. This is an apple.”

On Tuesday night, 24 October, the BuzzFeed News launched a parody of the ad, spouting gibberish about bananas being bananas. It is delivered all in the form of a contrived knock knock joke punch-lining with an unbearable orange pun.

Conservative website The Daily Caller also got in on the action.