Why the future growth of your company depends on attributed reporting

Rakuten Marketing: From Talk to Action

Through attributed reporting, you can get to know your customer better than they know themselves; what makes them tick, click and order four pairs of shoes at 1 AM on a Tuesday morning. With 75% of UK advertising professionals displaying a firm belief that AR is a superior tool for critical success, why are so many failing to act on it?

Here’s 5 reasons why AR could improve your company growth:

  • No other model tracks the customer journey to such precision
  • It increases the chances of new customers engaging with your brand
  • Ensures the right message reaches its perfect audience
  • Discovers which combination of marketing channels delivers the greatest value
  • Delivers next level customisation

Created by The Drum, in partnership with Rakuten Marketing, this report grills a panel of experts for their knowledge on the subject. Offering advice on convincing departments to invest in attributed reporting; how to set goals; understand customer behaviour and overcome data hurdles.

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