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McDonald's Hong Kong offers real gold Chicken McNuggets in graphic novel-style ad that resurrects Jack the Dipper

McDonald's offer customers a chance to win pure gold Chicken McNuggets through an integrated animated campaign in Hong Kong

As a promotional strategy to boost the sale of Chicken McNuggets, McDonald's has forged an alliance with DDB Group Hong Kong to roll out an integrated campaign featuring an animated game and film.

To what McDonald's refer as a 'Marvel/DC Comics-like',the film features Jack the Dipper, the nugget sauce stealing character recruiting a league of his own which includes Max the Driver, Ray the Trickster and Mel the Cat Burgler to steal 24-carat gold McNuggets.

In order to win the gold nuggets, customers are required to play four online games which they can unlock after buying a box of McNuggets. They need to then pass missions and virtually collect four dipping sauces that will ultimately unlock the safe that holds the golden prize. Apart from golden nuggets, they can also win 365 days of free Chicken McNuggets.

Jamal Hamidi, executive creative director, global business at DDB Group Hong Kong said: “Over the last 12 years, Jack the Dipper has become an icon in his own right. This time around, we wanted to take things to the next level by setting him his biggest challenge yet – to steal the golden McNuggets."

“To do so, we’ve done some world building for both Jack the Dipper and Chicken McNuggets, creating an expanded storytelling universe with a new look and new characters.”

Randy Lai, CEO at McDonald’s Hong Kong said: “This fully integrated campaign is creative story-telling at its best. Not only has DDB Group Hong Kong created an immersive narrative, but also brought it to life in a multi-faceted manner, from gaming, one of Hong Kong’s favourite past times, to video content and packaging.”

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