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LadBible Group: redefining 'lad' in 2017

LADbible Group: Redefining LAD in 2017

LadBible Group was awarded the uppermost accolade, 'Grand Prix' and won the 'Digital Media Strategy' category at The Drum DADI Awards 2017 for its strategy to redefine media, turning LadBible into a voice and identity for a community of more than 33 million, and a way of life for a social generation.

Executive Summary

With the biggest youth audience in the UK and unparalleled influence on social media, LadBible took the bold decision to make the brand an instigator of social change, digital innovator and the voice of a social generation.

By repositioning the brand and redefining what it means to be a ‘lad’ today, LadBible was able to amplify its commercial offering, showcase the value of its massive community to advertisers and beyond – and ultimately to prove to cynics it is a 360 media brand that can be serious and socially conscious – while driving pop culture and maintaining our humour.

This was achieved by creating pop culture moments, innovation in original content and driving social change through authentic content.

Socially conscious campaigns like UOKM8?, a Lad Bible initiative to drive the conversation on mental health, and the Climate Change partnership with National Geographic showcased the brand's ability to influence a generation of people in a positive way.

5.2 billion monthly video views - make Lad Bible the number one site for video in Europe, showing how it is infiltrating the masses and becoming a part of the daily lives of a generation.

The huge commercial appeal of the brand has seen Lad Bible working with an ever-growing number of brand partners.

Currently, LadBible commands 32 million site visits per month, as well as a global social media audience of 33 million.


Objectives through marketing and content have been:

  • Redefining 'kad' and challenging the negative associations with the word, and reposition the phrase as a positive embodiment of young people reflective of our actual audience
  • Driving awareness around social movements and influence around topics that Lad Bible is not traditionally known for
  • Showcasing diverse original content to an audience, who were perceived to only be interested in UGC


Since last year, LadBible has changed the way it works with a huge increase in original, high-impact campaigns.

Lad Bible challenged preconceptions around men’s mental health with UOKM8?, flipped apathy into action with Knowing Me Knowing EU, and educated people about the environment with Climate Change.

Lad Bible has a combined audience of over 33 million followers across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube - and according to Alexa (March 2017), it’s the 10th highest ranking website in the UK.

This has put us in a strong position as a media owner to drive social movements and influence the lives of young people with positivity.

Social change: UOKM8? was a 360 content-driven campaign that challenged the idea about what content our audience would consume and showcase our ability to drive conversations of important topics at scale.

Content in the series challenged what people would expect LadBible to do i.e. premium visual storytelling delivered in a serious way.

UOKM8? positioned LadBible as credible multifaceted youth media brand that can act as a voice of young people and drive discussions around uncomfortable topics. The campaign highlighted the brand's ability to take issues we knew young people cared about and spoke to them in a way that resonated with them.

The reaction from the audience was genuine, with 823k engagements and over 36 million people reached across the campaign. A massive survey was undertaken to really understand how the audience was facing the topic. 50,000 survey entrants shared their experiences on the LadBible website, allowing the brand to get into the its audience's minds in a huge way.

Knowing ME, Knowing EU, a campaign around the EU Referendum showcased the LadBible audience was politically engaged and demonstrated influence in this space. Through the campaign Lad Bible drove 75 voter registrations.

With Climate Change, LadBible partnered up with National Geographic for an editorial campaign anchored around our Facebook Live broadcast of “Before the Flood”, produced by Leonardo DiCaprio, aired simultaneously with National Geographic in the UK. The massive success of the stream challenged the idea that the audience was not socially engaged, that they wouldn't watch long-form on Facebook, and that LadBible reach couldn't surpass traditional linear channels.


In the past year, perceptions of LadBible have shifted, redefining what it means to be a media brand today, driving diverse content stands from user-generated to original videos and engaging editorial that drive unprecedented reach and scale.

Lad Bible has helped change a narrative around what it means to be a 'lad'.

In a recent survey of 4,000 young people conduced by Lad Bible, 68% agree that a 'lad' is a good example of an individual standing up for his mates, and also for the things that matter in life. A 'lad' respects the ones around him and tries to be a good person all round. He or she is seen as a connected individual, knowing what’s cool but also what’s relevant in the news.

We have also been identified by Vice as being a catalyst for driving a new generation of “woke” lads.

“LadBible, on their wild journey from thigh gap meme-sharers to mental health advocates, have transposed the language of lad culture onto a number of big topics, from depression to Westminster politics.“ – Vice, 11 July 2017.

Through content and leveraging community LadBible has been able to drive social movements, charge pop culture and become a defining voice for the youth generation.

This past year LadBible has built up to:

  • 33 million followers across LadBible socials
  • Over 50% of young people in the UK between 18-30 follow LadBible on social
  • 10th biggest website in the UK (source: Alexa - March 2017)
  • One billion monthly engagements (source: Facebook)
  • 60/40 male and female split on (source: Google Analytics)
  • 51/49 male and female split of Facebook Reach

LadBible is increasingly seen as the go-to brand for youth having been invited to present at 10 Downing Street, Mindshare Huddle, Facebook Developers, Advertising Week Europe, Festival of Marketing, and beyond.

The huge commercial appeal of the brand has seen LadBible working with an ever-growing number of brand partners.

Specific marketing-led content and campaigns reached a combined audience of 207,004,114, and generated 58,464,201 video views, gaining over 2,030,910 engagements.

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