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Gary Lineker falls foul of TfL nudity ban

Gary Lineker falls foul of TfL nudity ban

Crisp ambassador Gary Lineker has fallen foul of a Transport for London nudity ban after being photographed in his birthday suit for his latest advertising campaign.

The topless photoshoot was conceived on behalf of a High Street retailer as a knowing nod to Lineker’s infamous appearance on Match of the Day, when he introduced the football roundup wearing nothing but a pair of white boxers.

For his latest stunt Lineker appeared to dispense with even this concession to modesty, prompting aghast TfL censors to demand that the ex-footballer put some clothes on to get round its ban on ‘nude or semi-nude figures in an overtly sexual context’.

A TfL spokesperson confirmed: “We continually work with advertisers and brands to ensure that all adverts meet our mutual requirements. A slightly amended version of this campaign will run on our network from October 23.”

The Evening Standard newspaper held no such qualms however, publishing a full-page copy of Lineker in the buff for yesterday’s edition.

TfL's latest ban follows its decision to bar Uber vehicles from London streets, putting potentially 40,000 driver jobs at risk.

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