'We needed to do something that would really stand out': Isabella 'c-word' film creator on its success

The recent charity film '10-year-old Isabella Shouldn’t Know The C-Word’, which has had over 10m views since it went live last month, will be the subject of a talk by One Minute Briefs' founder, Nick Entwistle, at a forthcoming event.

The filmed explored the story of three-time cancer victim, Isabella, and bleeps out ‘the C-word’ every time she uses it, although it is seemingly another word until the final reveal.

Entwistle will discuss the idea behind the film and its success at the upcoming One Minute Briefs event taking place in London in November, as well as his own views on creativity and how positivity and collaboration can allow anything to be achieved.

Entwistle explained that he felt the controversial element of a little girl seemingly knowing ‘the C word’ was the first element of the film’s success.

He said: "We wrote a script that was powerful and designed to shift your emotion from humour to reality very quickly in a film that grabs your attention and keeps you watching.

"With human attention spans at an all time low, we needed to do something that would really stand out, and by not giving the message away until the very end we took a risk but we had to do so to give it maximum emotional impact, which transcends into shares and donations.”

Other speakers on the night will be creative directors Ali Hanan and Vikki Ross.

A Just-Giving page for viewers to help pay for treatment for Isabella should she need it abroad has raised over £15,000 at the time of writing.

More details on the One Minute Briefs Live event can be found and tickets purchased through Eventbrite.

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