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Plan International UK aims to destigmatise periods in latest campaign

Plan International UK aims to destigmatise periods in latest campaign

To destigmatize menstruation, Plan International UK has introduced miniature sanitary pads called Plaster Pads that are worn like plasters on the occasion of International Day of the Girl.

Conceptualised by AMV BBDO, the Plaster Pads will be printed with the slogan 'after all blood is blood' to highlight the need to remove the stigma around blood and emphasizing the normalcy of periods. The campaign will use the hashtag #weallbleed to further reiterate the same message.

As part of the campaign, Plan International UK will further use influencer marketing where they will hand out the pads to celebrities to share about it across social media platforms.

According to research by Opinium Research, in UK 71% of girls have felt embarrassed buying sanitary products, and a further 67% would feel embarrassed if they found period blood on their clothes.

Tanya Barron, Plan International UK CEO said: “Girls are telling us that they are embarrassed, confused and ashamed about periods, a completely natural biological process which happens to half the global population”.

“As a society we obsessively euphemise, belittle and silence menstruation; we need to address the impact this is having on girls."

Celebrities like Lena Headey and David Morrissey have posted about the campaign.

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