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Sid Lee asks young adults to ‘Rethink Breast Cancer’ in social campaign

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month in the US and Canada, and a new social-first campaign aims to dispel myths about the disease and answer questions that teens and young adults may have.

Agency Sid Lee and non-profit Rethink Breast Cancer have launched #8008135 (aka BOOBIES spelled out on a calculator – a trick as old as calculators themselves), a socially-driven campaign developed to educate young adults across the globe about breast health.

The campaign was developed based on the results of a US- and Canada-wide research study by Rethink Breast Cancer and Asking Canadians of 800+ teens that showed that young adults overestimate their risk of breast cancer and do not know the actual facts.

#8008135 is a modern spin on a retro “hotline” and creates a unique way to educate youth in an engaging and interactive format. The program revolves around the first ever breast health bot built to bust breast cancer myths and answer questions related to breast health in an engaging way.

The bot helps dispel myths while giving sound advice through colorful, pink-hued cartoon drawings. T-shirts with the #8008135 logo on them are being sold to help raise money as well.

An accompanying video, 'Broken Telephone,' drives home the point as we see four girls talking and asking each other questions about what might give them breast cancer – cell phones, underwire bras, antiperspirant, coffee – with all in a panic. The campaign hopes to diffuse that panic among young adults and help get to the facts.

See the full creative and video by clicking the creative works box below.

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