'Beautiful, engaging, vibrant': a celebration of everyday creativity

One of Glasgow's many creative murals

What's your favourite piece of creative? Is it an ad? Some street art? Or something else entirely?

Here at The Drum we believe we have a responsibility to keep creativity in the spotlight and that's why we're bringing back The Drum Creative Awards (previously The Drum Dream Awards) for the third year running.

Creativity enriches our day-to-day lives, the above image was snapped just around the corner from The Drum's Glasgow office, but so often we miss it, we forget to look up and appreciate what's around us.

In celebration of everyday creativity we've asked some creatives to share their favourite examples from Adele at Wembly to a cat at Kings Cross. And we'd love you to get involved too, if you'd like to share your snaps with us please follow us on Instagram and tag @thedrummag for the chance to feature on our feed.

There are even things within the office, well the basement to be more precise, that can inspire you. We remember heading down to the basement to work on our first ever pitch and seeing it on the wall. We still have no idea why it was there but we did find ourselves staring at it nonetheless, hoping that our ideas one day would end up on a tv, even that one. Caption: Watch this space. Jack & Josh, creative team, St Luke's

The best creatives never grow up - I stumbled across a karting competition in Telegraph Hill. The people in this kart are father and daughter, they recycled the props from her wedding. It looked like so much fun. Hannah Williamson, creative, St Luke's

Kings Road in Chelsea, this is part of a series of posters by artist Andy Leek that have been popping up across London (and other cities). I love the simplicity of the pieces and they no doubt brighten the days of those that see them. Joe Durow, account manager, Hunterlodge

The launch party of Michael Kors’ English Rose, in collaboration with Tatler. Pink, light refraction, mirrors, sunlight. Cassandra Jamcotchian, senior art director, Leo Burnett London

Brockley, sometimes nature is just art. Cassandra Jamcotchian, senior art director, Leo Burnett London

A simple piece of graffiti or something more? Spotted on my daily commute and I found it so poignant I had to snap it. To me it was a simple reminder of how to behave in the wider world in order to be creative. As the numbing effects of technology allow us to retreat into whatever reality we want, it’s easy to overlook more important things sometimes that which is right in front of us. We need to learn to disconnect from technology more often, look more, talk to people face to face and ultimately don’t look away from what makes us human. Stephen Plaster, art director, Stack

Taken at the Camille Walala takeover at Liverpool Street. Cassandra Jamcotchian, senior art director, Leo Burnett London

Brick Lane Hypnotic lines. It reminds me of the snake from jungle book casting his spell. Daryll Arthur, art director, 23red

In Granary Square, Kings Cross for the Design Junction there were four four-meter high ceramic tiled archways from turkishceramics. They were beautiful, engaging and vibrant. Cassandra Jamcotchian, senior art director, Leo Burnett London

Shooting Gulls: on a trip to Margate, I captured this couple trying to get the perfect shot of the birds. He was tempting them down with a chip whilst she was waiting to snap the moment. If bribing gulls with chips isn’t creative, I don’t know what is. It’s hard work getting that perfect shot. Sophie Everett, senior copywriter, 23red

The Lee Valley white water centre Olympic course. You could lose time watching kayakers go down the rapids. Cassandra Jamcotchian, senior art director, Leo Burnett London

Adele pulls a crowd at Wembley. Cassandra Jamcotchian, senior art director, Leo Burnett London

Clouds. Cassandra Jamcotchian, senior art director, Leo Burnett London

I often see this tabby cat patiently stalking pigeons near our office in Kings Cross. They always sit waiting on the same spot and I’m sure it’s because it knows that the brick provides a great natural camouflage. Tristan Cavanagh, deputy creative director, 23red

A handmade shaving brush I’ve had for over 11 years, I use it almost daily. It’s from a large department store (the one that has great Christmas ads). Having a shave gives me a moment where I can daydream and clear my head. It’s a reminder to me that sometimes even the littlest things can be a joy to use (that don’t need a lowercase ‘i’in their name). We need to be more careful with the objects we choose to fill our lives with, before they end up owning us. Stephen Plaster, art director, Stack

I sometimes run around the Olympic park and always use this amazing tunnel as an excuse for a breather. Jo Boyle,creative, St Luke's

Taken near Wimbledon station, everyday creativity is spotting the perfect photo opportunity- like these pigeons leaving out the white one. Laura Stevens, creative, St Luke's

See it, make it - I visited the Nomadic Gardens in East London, it’s full of weird and wonderful things people have made from what they found. This was my favourite, an alligator made of tyres. Hannah Williamson, creative, St Luke's

Think you've got what it takes to win at The Drum Creative Awards? To find out more about how to enter, the judges and the awards visit our dedicated awards website.

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