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ANA pulls ad programatically displayed on Breitbart

ANA left red-faced after inadvertently advertising on Breitbart

The Association of National Advertisers has experienced the brand safety problems it is battling first hand when an element of an advertising campaign found itself inadvertently displaying on Breitbart following an automated programmatic purchase of space.

The Incident continued to highlight the ongoing issue faced by the digital advertising sector after the trade body adopted a lead role in efforts to bring greater transparency amidst complaints from advertisers that they lack control over where their ads end up, reported Ad Age.

The placement only came to light after its banner ad was picked up on social media, prompting the trade body to ‘reach out’ to its agency Path Interactive to establish the circumstances which led to it being associated with the right-wing portal.

Upon discovering that the placement arose as ‘an unintentional result of a programmatic buy’ the offending placement was promptly deleted but the fall-out from the affair is likely to last far longer.

ANA CEO Bob Liodice has adopted a lead role in efforts to reform the ‘byzantine, non-transparent, super complex digital media supply chain’ earlier this month at its ‘masters of Marketing’ event.

ANA recently unveiled a 12-point plan it hopes will spur growth in the marketing industry.

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