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Vodafone's Voxi reflects the bizarre corners of the internet with trippy youth drive

Vodafone youth brand Voxi is celebrating the unique weirdness dished up on the internet on a daily basis in an irreverent campaign from Ogilvy & Mather London.

The work comes from a crack squad of youth creatives recently assembled to strike the right tone for the brand that wants to connect with a generation that wouldn't be caught without a smartphone in hand.

The video marks the first turn around from this group from Vodafone and WPP Team Red. It will hope to cause ripples with as a result of its “youth for youth” focus.

Striking through the sometimes disturbing shortform clips is the takeaway of the campaign – all data consumed on social media through the network is free. Voxi wants you watching and uploading more weird video than any other network.

O&M London’s new head of design, Dani Matthews, fresh off the boat from the fashion world, is the architect of the bold new direction from the telecoms firm. She said: "One of the things that has been brilliant, and we were passionate about from the start, is genuinely listening to the audience. Don’t assume something is the right thing to do until you hear it directly from them. It’s why we brought The Pipe (Ogilvy’s Creative internship scheme) in early and asked for their for input on absolutely every element. Thanks to the internet, this audience has the broadest point of view imaginable – more so than any other generation that’s come before it. That is an incredible thing for creativity.”

Matthews added: "We’ve made sure the creative has the flexibility to be democratic to this audience.”

The film will be supplemented with content across Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

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